Sacred Space Clearing Ceremony

Available from November, 2019 (only on Bornholm)

A sacred space clearing ceremony is nothing like an ordinary house cleanse. 

The emphasis is on all the light and beautiful, uplifting energies.  

To prepare the house for you and your family's energies and clear the energy of former residents. 

To recreate you and your house's sacred space after hard times, such as grief, divorce, sickness and stress etc. 

To prepare for a newborn baby to enter the house

To establish a state of bliss in your house after a break-up, which creates a space for your energy to unfold. 

To move around energy if you feel stuck in your life. 

I'm gonna put a whole lot of love into your space. Your sacred space. 

The place where you eat, sleep, dream, love. You do everything in your house, so we want to fill it with high vibrational energies.

Where intention goes - energy flows. 

When your home is happy, chances are that you are happy. 

People tend to forget their home when it comes to general well being. We all know that dirty laundry and too many dishes on the kitchen counter is not nice to look at - but what about all the hidden energy invisible to the human eye?

This energy is stagnated in the soul of the house. And the invisible energy is effecting our bodies on a cellular level so that we fell drained, tired, irritated and stuck. 


An argument, fx, will cling on to your walls for as long as a lifetime if you don't clear this energy and it will effect you as well as new members of the family and  new owners. 

In my sacred space clearing ceremony, I use:

White sage (to clear old energies and spirits)

Palo Santo (to build up new, positive high vibrational energy)



Music (native american, celestial, ancient, angelic etc.)

Singing balls



Oracle cards

Essential oils


Light Language


Each sacred space clearing ceremony is especially created for you, your life situation and your house. 



Rønne, Bornholm, Denmark

Sacred Space Clearing Ceremony takes place at your house (only available on Bornholm, Denmark)



Sacred Space Clearing Ceremony, 1 hour: 1300,- DKK

You can either pay by MobilePay (51808519) (available in Denmark only)


or via bank transfer: 

Bank: Spar Nord. 8125

Kontonr.: 0007630239


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