Guardian angels


You have at least one guardian angel - and most likely more. 

Your guardian angel was by your side the day you were born and stay by your side throughout your entire life - and when you leave this earth, your guardian angel will be there during the crossing, making sure that your arrival is safe and beautiful.


A guardian angel is an angel that you've made an agreement with prior to your present life here on earth. The agreement involves all your experiences, your relationships, your lessons, your wins, your losses. And your guardian angel is the one who makes sure that you get to learn what you came here for - without interacting against your free will.  You've got every right to disregard any guidance from your guardian angel, however, keep in mind that your guardian angel always wants the highest good for you - and will do anything possible to help you achieve it.

A guardian angel has never been a human. Guardian angels are often mistaken for spirit guides. 

In example, a spirit guide could be your deceased grandmother, who has chosen to stay by your side to guide you and comfort you. 

It could also be a to you unknown spirit who had similar dreams and/or abilities as you when he or she was alive - and who want to support you on your journey. 

Spirit guides often come to visit for a period of time, then move on and come back occasionally to check on you. 


So even though your grandmother Lily is the epitome of limitless love and you clearly feel her by your side, she can't be your guardian angel -  but she can be your spirit guide.  

Your guardian angel guides you and protects your body, mind and soul. And it loves you unconditionally - a love that surpasses all earthly concepts.