High Vibe Tribe Members Club

High Vibe Tribe is a high vibe monthly members club for high vibe people guaranteed to bring you more joy, energy, grounding and a loving push to live your life purpose so that you can fully live from heart.  


This is the community to join if you want to focus on your possibilities and dreams rather than your limitations! 

Procrastination is soooo 2019 - this is the 2020 energy - and there's no room for downsizing or second guessing your dreams. It's time to jump off that cliff and take action! Let's go and make magic happen!

Here's the essentials (leaving room for soulful surprises each month!):

4 x 1 hour Magical Mondays LIVE sessions* with a spiritual energy forecast for each week, channeled messages from Spirit plus room for personal readings - altogether in a private Facebook group - a loving space for uplifting support and Woohooo'ing! 

1 x Guided Meditation (sound file, downloadable)

4 x Distant Energy Boost Healing

1 x Light Language codes for cellular energy (video, downloadable)

A downloadable guide for which crystals and rituals to work with - created in deep alignment with the monthly Universal energies 

You will also receive special discounts and the possibility to secure a spot on my retreats and events before anyone else. 

*​ A Magical Mondays LIVE session is a lovely hour of Spiritual down to Earth magic. 

I draw oracle cards for the week to come and answer questions that I am being guided to answer - always in perfect divine timing. 

I also share thoughts on universal energies, reflect on lunar cycles, share tips about essential oils and crystals for spirituality, bring divine healing energy, engage in channelled singing and Light Language transmissions and so much more.  

Your High Vibe Tribe Investment: 

222 DKK - you get nourishment for your Soul for the entire month! (One supermarket purchase will only nourish your body for a couple of days)

Launching soon! Yay - so exciting!

Email: hello@mariamillan.dk

CVR/VAT number: 35 93 77 49

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