Listen to archangel Ariel's divine angelic energy, channeled and composed by Mark Watson, who has clairaudience. 

You can use it for meditations or to get closer to archangel Ariel. 

Archangel Ariel

Who is archangel Ariel?

Ariel's name means "Lion of God".


Ariel reflects qualities such as; bravery, courage and focus.

Ariel is involved in divine magic, which means immediate manifestation of the highest will.

She is particularly supportive of people who are healers, teachers, and people who provide other forms of service.

She helps you attract any support you need for your life mission.

Ariel is involved in the environmental area and works closely with nature angels to protect and heal nature and animals - especially birds and fish. She works together with Archangel Raphael when it comes to animals in need.

She will contact you if she sees that you can help protect the environment, especially the sea and its residents. 

If you listen to her requests, you will be rewarded with wonderful manifestations and enhanced magic power.

If you want to work with Ariel, you can, for example, participate in environmental work, donate time or money for an environmental cause or switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Ariel loves all living creatures and happily helps them all.

If you notice pictures of lions or lionesses, this is a sign that Ariel is at your side.

She is also connected with the wind, so when Ariel is near you may feel or hear the wind as a sign.

When do I call upon archangel Ariel?


Call on Ariel in any situation where you need to boost confidence and courage or want help standing by your beliefs. Ariel will gently, but firmly guide you to be more brave.


What signs tell me, that archangel Ariel is here?


You will more clearly feel, see and hear her presence if you contact her outdoors, preferably near water and scenic areas.

If you see a pink glow or light, it is a sign that Ariel is by your side.

If you hold a rose quartz in your hand while calling upon Ariel, it will reinforce the connection with her.






Crystal or stone: 


Rose quartz




"Dear Archangel Ariel, thank you for guiding me to the best way I can help the Earth's environment".