Hi I'm Maria!

I was born and raised on the spiritual island, Bornholm, Denmark where I am so fortunate to live. 

Being clairvoyant runs in the family. My father is a clairvoyant palm reader and medium and has always worked with Spirit and in particular Angels. His grandmother was the witch of the town and therefore my gift is inherited and genetic. However everyone has the ability to communicate with Spirit, Universe and God - if they choose this path. 

Being a particularly sensitive child, the door to the spirit world was wide open to me, but it was't until later in my life that I truly dared to even touch the door knob. To be honest - I was terrified by the idea of communicating with Spirit and I din't know how to - even though I already did on a subconscious level.

Had I known what I know today, I would've reached out to the Angels and Spirit Guides who surrounded me in complete faith. 

Luckily, a beautiful event transformed my fear into security. I was four years old, sleeping in my parents bedroom, and through the door came a tall, white angel, took me in her arms and sat with me on the bed. It was the safest most loving moment that I treasure - one amongst many. 

However for 20+ years I didn't engage in any spiritual activities nor did I think about myself as a spiritual being - life happened and I simply forgot to tune in to my higher self and Spirit. And as a result I felt disconnected to myself and my life purpose - I couldn't feel anything.


In the spring of 2014 I had a revelation in my living room and I heard a male voice speak directly into my right ear - and I instantly knew that it was archangel Michael who wanted me to tune in to Spirit and start working with the Light. The day before I had been crying myself to sleep, I was miserable at work, I was not acting like me at all - and I was desperate to feel aligned with my hearts desires - until that evening on my couch where everything changed for me. 

I was given direction to quit my job, buy spiritual books and angel cards, sign up for a spiritual education and start my own spiritual business - and I knew absolutely nothing about these things - but I could feel the energy flowing through me like a whirlwind of white light - so I did all of the above without hesitation! And I I could finally breathe!


Since then I've attended many educations and courses - and I am working internationally with beautiful clients and businesses, using my claircognizance and clairsentience to convey channeled messages from Spirit, Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters & Light Beings. 

My life purpose is to radiate love, guide people and help them unlock their spiritual gifts and shine their divine light. 

I wish for you that you treasure your inner sparkle and that you live from heart, always!

An insight into some of my educations:

  • Clairvoyant Counselor  (Marzcia Techau)

  • Certified Angel Card Reader™ (Radleigh Valentine)

  • Angelic Harmony Therapy Practitioner (Georgie Deyn)

  • Reikihealer (Ulrik Schou Kjerulff Hansen )

  • NLP Master Practitioner

Light & Love


Email: hello@mariamillan.dk

CVR/VAT number: 35 93 77 49

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