The Healing Talk


Clairvoyant counseling with emphasis on a heart-to-heart healing talk.

I am not a woo-woo fortune teller nor do I gaze into a crystal ball and give you all the answers - instead I tune in to you and your energy field and channel healing messages from Spirit.

A session with me feels like spiritual energy healing. I work with Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and other divine Light Beings - in order to heal and harmonize any aspect of your life. 

People come to me for various reasons - some of them are:


- Wanting to gain a greater understanding of the spirit world, so that he or she can live a life full of Love, Joy and connection to the Universe. 

- The need to find one's life purpose, career change etc. 


- Self worth and self belief issues, faith in own abilities, taking action on dreams and turning them into reality.

- Experiencing dramatic life changes, such as relationship issues, divorce, trauma, grief, sadness and dealing with many emotions. The need to talk to a professional about thoughts and emotions. 

Comforting words and deep emotional healing will activate an uplifting proces within you - and as a result you will feel lighter and in deeper alignment with your soul. 

In this session, I also use high vibrational oracle cards. 


Oracle cards are known as wisdom cards and are powerful, visual divination tools that convey accurate messages from Spirit.​ In reality they are simple pieces of paper, however they magically come alive when consulted in the name of Light & Love. 

I can do one or more oracle card spreads based on the areas of your life that you want to look into. We talk about the opportunities, potentials, challenges and possible solutions to your specific question, which are all revealed through the cards.

Some of my clients come to me for a "here & now" reading, having no specific question in mind. This type of reading allows Spirit to illuminate areas of your life that you wouldn't otherwise bring up in the reading. Areas that turn out to be of great importance to your current situation. 

The card reading is always relevant to you and bring important messages that you need to receive here and now.

Cards are never coincidental since they tune in to you and your energy field from the moment the reading begins. 

Time and time again I see how oracle cards bring valuable messages that are so very beneficial to my clients.

Sessions are available in both English and Danish.









Sessions are available from the comfort of your home via Skype, Facebook Call or telephone


The Healing Talk, 50 minutes: 888 DKK

You can either pay by MobilePay (51808519) (available in Denmark only)


or bank transfer: 

Bank: Spar Nord. 8125

Kontonr.: 0007630239

Your booking is valid when payment is received.  Please remember to enter your full name when paying

Cancellation at least 12 hours prior to your session: A new session will be offered to you.


CVR/VAT number: 35 93 77 49

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