Energy Healing


Spirit heals through me and I become a conduit of divine healing energy. 

To the sound of gentle music you lie on the healing bed underneath a blanket while I, guided by Spirit, place my hands on or above your body. The healing energy finds its way to the parts of your body that need healing. your loving Spirit Guides have individual niches and energies and they always send the Guide with the best suitable energy for your body and mind. 

You are in safe hands. Your only task is to be present and relax your body and mind while receiving the healing and uplifting energies. 

Archangel Raphael often drops by during healing sessions, since he is the Angels' Master Healer. When this happens, you will most likely feel a tingling sensation in your body. This is pure love and divine energy (God, Source, Spirit, Universe) sent through you.

Spirit often enrich you with a final message, which I pass on to you towards the ending of our session.


After a healing session it's very important to drink at least a big glass of water which will be provided for you.

This is to flush out old, stagnant energies in your system, that you no longer need - and to create space for new, uplifting energies that you do need in your healing proces. Water is very healing for the body. 

I also offer healing to children. There is no age limit, however the child needs to be able to lie still for a minimum of 25 minutes. Parents are welcome to stay during the healing session.

Remember, you always hold the key to your own destiny - I will only be the torch, pointing you in the right direction.

Sessions are available in both English and Danish.



Rønne, Bornholm, Denmark


Sessions are also available from the comfort of your home via distant healing.



Healing, 50 minutes: 850,- DKK

Healing, 25 minutes: 500,- DKK

You can either pay by MobilePay (51808519) (available in Denmark only)


or via bank transfer: 

Bank: Spar Nord. 8125

Kontonr.: 0007630239




You can easily book this session by clicking the tab "BOOKING" that will direct you to the online booking page. 

You can also book sessions by sending me an email - use the contact formula by clicking the tab "CONTACT". 


Your booking is valid when payment is received.  

Please remember to enter your name when paying.

Cancellation policy:


Cancellation at least 12 hours prior to your session:

A new session will be offered to you.


CVR/VAT number: 35 93 77 49

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