The Angels are always by your side. You are never alone.  

Angels come to us whenever we are in need of divine guidance, strength, encouragement and support. 

You can ask the Angels anything. No subject is too big or small. The Angels do not judge or rank any inquiries. To them, any questions or tasks are equally important. 

Angels are omnipresent. In the Universe there is no time or space since these are earthly concepts - this allow the Angels to be by your side while they are also elsewhere. This way they are helping many people at the same time. 

There are thousands of "unemployed" angels, who are waiting to be called upon for assistance.

Ask them to surround you, your family, your friends, your pets, your house, your business, your work, your dreams, your life goals - anything really - and they will get right to it. They are more than happy to help. Remember to thank them, they love it when we show our appreciation. 

Angels don't have a known gender. They are neither female nor male. However they can be perceived so because of their energies which are interchangeable.


In my description of the archangels I use the gender that I associate with and sense about each of them.  


The angels love bringing you feathers, coins, formations in the sky, books about angels & spirituality and other signs about their presence. 


Angels love it when you want to connect with them, and you can be certain that they are working on a sign the minute you are asking for one. The sign can appear instantly, a couple of days later and sometimes after months. Your sign will appear in perfect divine timing. The angels love to work on creative signs for you, so try asking them for a unique sign that you will surely notice. 

Remember to keep your eyes and ears open, because the signs can be so obvious that you might not pay attention. 

Three steps:

Step 1: Ask 

Step 2: Believe

Step 3: Receive