Spirituel Vejleder

- en uddannelse i Clairvoyance og Healing (Denmark):

Together with Ulrik Schou Kjerulff Hansen, I've established a 1-year education in Clairvoyance and Healing on Bornholm, Denmark. 
The education is built up around 12 weekends throughout 2020-2021. 

Our students will be taught a variety of healing modalities and classical clairvoyance as well as a more conversational modern form of clairvoyance sessions - like the ones we offer to our clients. 

To learn more, please visit our Facebook page: 

Want to become a student on our school?

Admission interviews are taking place right now. 

Start date  is September 19th, 2020


Watch the TV programme "Mellem os" where we talk about the education:


Email: hello@mariamillan.dk

CVR/VAT number: 35 93 77 49

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